TN directly carries out manufacturing tasks according to the pre-set designs and technical specifications provided by customers, and the finished products will be branded with the customer’s logo.

What are the benefits of using OEM services at TN Equipments?

  • Metal processing using fiber laser cutting, CNC bending, stamping, etc. Utilizing the most advanced welding robots to complete the final assembly.
  • Electrostatic powder coating system following AAMA 2603/04/05 standards, supporting the surface finishing of products with a paint thickness ranging from 60 to 90 microns and offering various colors.
  • Highly skilled production team integrating advanced technology into the manufacturing process, ensuring timely delivery.
  • Spacious assembly area combined with experienced and skilled production team, supporting batch production, and conducting strict quality inspections before storing the products for packaging.
  • Commitment to accurate product manufacturing according to the sample, quality checks prior to delivery, and compliance with CE 2006/42/EC: EN 1398 standards to ensure safety during usage.
  • Assembly and packaging ready for transportation to your warehouse or direct delivery to your customers.

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