If you have a need for designing and implementing auxiliary equipment for cleanrooms, please contact TN immediately for the most reasonable advice and deployment with quality and pricing. We operate in various fields, including:

  • PHARMACEUTICALS: Ensuring a sterile environment in the production process of medicines, medical equipment, etc., to ensure the best preservation of products in a cleanroom environment and prevent complications for patients.
  • FOOD: Designing and constructing environment control systems to minimize the spread of bacteria during production and improve food preservation. Food stored under normal conditions can deteriorate, causing quality issues such as spoilage of milk, sweets, etc., which can be harmful to consumers’ health. Therefore, establishing a cleanroom system for food storage ensures optimal food preservation.
  • COSMETICS: Packaging for cosmetics requires storage at normal temperatures to avoid altering the components and causing adverse effects on users’ skin, hair, etc. Similarly, during production, a cleanroom environment helps minimize factors that could adversely affect the ingredients in cosmetics, ensuring the best manufacturing and preservation processes.
  • SEMICONDUCTORS: With the current advanced technology, semiconductor devices are becoming more sophisticated and multifunctional, where even the tiniest dust particle can damage circuit boards or electronic chips. Manufacturing and storing semiconductor devices in a cleanroom environment help eliminate dust particles that could impact microcircuits and chips, ensuring the accuracy and effectiveness of the products.
  • HOSPITALS: Maintaining sterility in the operating room is of utmost importance to patients. Failure to maintain a sterile environment poses significant risks, as patients are susceptible to post-surgical infections that can lead to unforeseen complications. A sterile operating room ensures greater safety for patients after surgery, alleviating concerns about postoperative infections. Most hospital operating rooms must maintain sterility and undergo regular inspections.
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