Exporting Mobile Yard Ramp To Ireland

TN Equipments has recently completed an export order of a Mobile Yard Ramp to Ireland. With their services of consulting, designing, and manufacturing Mobile Yard Ramps according to specific requirements, TN Equipments has received high praise from their customers.

1. TN Equipments received information from the customer

To meet the customer’s usage needs, the customer in Ireland was searching for a manufacturer of Mobile Yard Ramps Hard Lip with a good price and European standard quality.

TN Equipments is one of the trusted companies chosen for collaboration by customers in Ireland. TN’s export team has exchanged and received information on specific technical specifications as follows:

  • Dimensions: W 2200 x L 101100 (mm).
  • Standards: CE 2006/42/EC EN 1398.
  • Lift height: 1350 – 1700 (mm).
  • Lifting mechanism: Hydraulic – Mechanical.
  • Safe load capacity: 10 tons.
  • Color: Black – red.
  • Handrail: Red.
  • Flooring: Black.
  • Technology: ASTM standard powder coating.
  • Solid rubber wheels: D430 mm.
  • Grating surface.
  • Front anti-movement chain.

Being proud to be a company involved in direct research and OEM/ODM production for customers, TN can fully meet the manufacturing requirements in terms of schedule and quality of the finished product.

2. TN Equipments exports Mobile Yard Ramps to Ireland

With a manufacturing plant of up to 8,500m2 in Binh Tan, Vietnam, along with a modern machinery system including welding robots, bending machines, and powder coating systems, TN Equipments also has a specialized R&D team and experienced production and machinery operation members in the industry.

TN Equipments has successfully completed the production of 2 Mobile Yard Ramps, meeting the scheduled deadline. After testing and trial operation, TN has packaged and prepared the shipment of the Mobile Yard Ramps for export to Ireland.

For TN Equipments, quality is always a top priority. Therefore, if customers have OEM/ODM industrial equipment needs, they can simply contact us, and our professional Export team will provide timely assistance and advice.

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